PDGA Pro World Championships

In this episode we discuss the results from the 2016 Majestic. We also talk about the 2016 PDGA Pro Worlds and our predictions.

Links mentioned what was mentioned in the show:

The Majestic Scores

Majestic MPO Payoff

2016 PDGA Pro Worlds Registration

Thank you to Steven Dodge of the Disc Golf Pro Tour and Terry Miller of SmashBoxxTV for permission to use audio clips of Nate Sexton’s interview.

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  • Is this a joke? You calling the Majestic TDs “unprofessional” is what makes this sport look like it is “just a bunch of yokels.” Do some fact checking before you attempt to tear down Minnesota’s tournament in an attempt to boost your own event. “You’d think that” a phone call or email would have been sent before slandering Airborn. Just to clarify- Checks were on hand, many people were paid cash, PayPal was sent to those that requested it. JohnE and Patrick both finished the tournament early in they day so they were probably in Emporia by the time the playoff finished, they both had cash in their pockets within 20 minutes of finishing their round. The only players that had checks mailed were the ones that did not stick around or come ask for PayPal or check. Come on Dixon!! You are better than that!

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